Archive of Previous Work


Colla Pier. 49 x 51cms. Oil on board.


Long Island V.

Holidays. 40 x 40cms. Oil on board

Island Home. 30 x 30cms. Oil on board

Between Sea and Sky. 30 x 59cms. Oil on board.

Best of days. 15 x 30cms. Dyptich. Oil and mixed media on board.

Two's Company.  Oil on board.

Neighbours - Long Island Oil on Canvas

Long Island 25 x 25cms Oil and Gampi Tissue on Canvas

House Full of Memories - Long Island.  50 x 51cms. Oil on Canvas

Rose. Oil and mixed media on canvas

The Pier

My sister. Oil on primed paper.

Chinese Whispers . Oil and Acrylic on board

Chinese Whispers. Oil and Acrylic on board

Mainland. 30 x 59cms.  Oil on board.

Once a home - Long Island. Oil on Canvas

Nestled - Long Island. 40 x 40cms.  Oil on board.